A FACTORY IN BROOKLYN from Brett Fahlgren on Vimeo.


Once choosing your size and fit, your order is then processed by first creating a pattern for your garment. 

Secondly, your fabric is ordered from some of the finest mills in England and Italy. 

Once your fabric is received into the shop, tailors will construct your garments by hand.

Using your pattern, the tailors cut your specially ordered fabric carefully. The pieces are then passed to our expert tailors where care and attention are put into every garment.

As this process is made by hand, care and attention is given to every stitch, every piece of material and every stage of the assembly.

With every stage, an expert tailor inspects for any flaws and passes it to the next stage of development.

As the finishing stages approach, expert tailors press the garments into shape.

Creating a one of a kind garment for you.

This process, created by Martin Greenfield himself, creates the finest, high quality garments in the world today.

"This is why our customers come back time and again, quality with intrinsic value" - Martin Greenfield